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Surgent CPA Review has the platform necessary to swiftly upskill associates and contribute to both your bottom line and the successes of your customers.

In addition to powerful instruction for learners, Surgent’s platform empowers administrators to easily monitor progress through each step of the process.

Key platform features

Firm 360TM

Human Resources and Learning & Development professionals have the unique challenge of tracking all performance within their company. Our dashboard provides instant access to detailed performance reports for your CPA candidates in Surgent’s exam prep software.

While students have access to reports specific to their progress, Firm 360 ensures administrators can see the progress across employees.

ReadySCORETM assessment

When will candidates be ready to sit for the exam? Are they ready?

Surgent CPA Review’s ReadySCORE™ accurately indicates your CPA Exam readiness. ReadySCORE™ allows candidates to know how they perform cumulatively, by content area and topic, and throughout all question types, like multiple-choice questions, task-based simulations and written-communication questions. With ReadySCORE™, you’ll know exactly how ready you are to sit for the CPA Exam.

ReadySCORE™ is calibrated to actual CPA Exam scoring. Using a statistically significant sample of student-reported scores has been shown to closely predict actual CPA Exam scores. On average, students’ reported CPA Exam scores are within 4% of their ReadySCORE™ at the time they sit for the CPA Exam.

Personalized study plan

Exam preparation takes time. Surgent’s adaptive learning technology ensures that spent study time is directed toward material that requires more practice.

Benefits for firms and corporations

When looking at the results, it’s clear why firms and corporations turn to us for CPA Exam review.

More students pass with Surgent

National CPA Exam pass rates consistently hover around 50%. Surgent students crush that benchmark, with 92% attaining passing scores, getting your staff credentialed and ready for clients faster.

Students pass more quickly with Surgent

The sooner associates pass, the quicker they can generate more value for your firm. Though some exams require up to 200 hours of preparation, Surgent students are ready to pass in just 89 hours, up to 75% faster than other candidates!

We guarantee success

With numbers like that, we’re proud to guarantee that you’ll succeed with Surgent, too. Learn more about our Pass Guarantee.

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