SIE Exam study guide

The Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) exam for prospective securities industry professionals. The SIE exam is an introductory-level exam, designed to assess a candidate’s knowledge of basic securities industry information. This exam covers the concepts that are fundamental to working in the industry, such as the types of products and their risks, the structure of the securities industry markets, and regulatory agencies and their functions. The SIE consists of one exam split into four sections.

Who should take the SIE Exam?

Whether you are a new grad, you have decades of experience in finance, or are someone recently interested in making a career change, the SIE is a possibility for you. In fact, the SIE exam is open to anyone age 18 or older, and firm association is not required.

Top tips on how to pass the SIE Exam

Study the Right Material

The study material you choose will greatly influence your chances of success. Be sure to spend your time studying from the best material. Surgent’s SIE review courses feature:

  • 100% alignment to the SIE content outline
  • Award-winning adaptive learning technology (plus option to switch to linear course)
  • 2,400+ multiple choice questions
  • Customized study plans that adapt to you, saving you study time
  • Study Companion app

Make the most of SIE Exam practice tests

In addition to understanding the makeup of the exam, it is important to be comfortable with the formatting of the SIE. That’s where practice exams come in.

Practice tests allow you to gain critical exposure to the tools and features you will see on exam day, and ultimately will help to alleviate anxiousness and eliminate questions about the exam interface. Practice tests should feature accurate practice test questions and be timed to match the actual exam. 

Surgent’s SIE preparation course offers students the opportunity to take two practice exams. In addition, students have unlimited access to Surgent’s ReadySCORE performance indicator, which predicts performance on the SIE exam with 99% accuracy, in real time.

What happens after I pass?

Passing the SIE alone does not qualify you to practice in the securities business, at a firm. In order to become registered to engage in securities business, an individual must pass the SIE and then a firm-sponsored qualification exam appropriate for the type of business you plan to work in.

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