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What is a Certified Management Accountant Practice Exam?

When you’re looking to become a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), there’s a lot that goes into your CMA Exam Prep. Passing scores don’t just happen, y’know? The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) have high standards!

But we know that the exam fees and entrance fees for the Certified Management Accountant Exam can be daunting – not knowing what you’ll score is scary. But that’s where practice exams come in. Wherever you are in your CMA Program, make sure that your CMA study guide or Review Provider includes Practice exams.

What Are Practice Exams?

Practice exams are really what they sound like – they are full length tests that are made up of practice questions (including multiple choice questions – and all other kinds that would appear on the real deal). These questions cover the gambit of what the real exam may – from financial management and decision analysis to corporate finance, all the way around to cost management and financial planning.

Why Practice Tests Are Important For CMA Certification Exam Preparation

Sitting for at least one practice CMA test is important for many reasons, but the main one we recommend them for is that they afford you the luxury of getting to grips with the CMA Exam interface before your exam day! Plus, this will feature real exam questions from previous CMA Exams, so CMA candidates can feel confident in their test prep.

Plus, the test questions on these practice exams should cover every part of the exam, from multiple choice test questions to essay questions, and also tell you if you’ve got the correct answer – no more stepping into the unknown when you step into Prometric! At Surgent, we deem them to be an intrinsic part of your exam study prep and a crucial element of your study plan.