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Surgent SIE Review Features:

  • Full Review course that's 100% aligned to the SIE content outline
  • Award-winning adaptive learning technology (+ option to switch to linear course)
  • 4 Months of Course Access
  • 2,400 multiple choice questions
  • Two (2) practice exams
  • ReadySCORE performance indicator
  • Customized study plans that adapt to you, saving you study time
  • Study Companion App

Surgent SIE Review is the smartest way to pass the Securities Industry Essentials Exam. Our powerful A.S.A.P. Technology drives an adaptive learning experience like no other, giving you the most effective, efficient SIE Exam prep experience you'll come across. More than just the content, Surgent SIE Review offers guidance through the process with our customized diagnostic dashboard for users. We are uniquely positioned to help you take the next step in your career quickly and with more confidence.

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Surgent SIE Review Core Features

Automatic Updates
Rest easy knowing you’re always studying up-to-date material.
Mobile Friendly
So you can study whenever and wherever works for you.
Indicates performance, so you know exactly when you’re ready to sit for the SIE exam!
Personalized Study Plans
A.S.A.P. Technology™ finds YOUR fastest path to a passing score, optimizing your study sessions each time you log in.
Saves Study Time
You’ll only study content that you need to fill in your knowledge gaps, saving hours of study time, while focusing your efforts and improving retention.

Experience Our Game Changing Multi-Award-Winning A.S.A.P. Technology

Surgent SIE Review is powered by A.S.A.P. Technology, Surgent’s proprietary, adaptive learning technology, which:

  • Identifies your unique knowledge gaps through a comprehensive assessment
  • Generates custom study plans to close your knowledge gaps (and skip what you know)
  • Uses a real-time algorithm to track your progress throughout the course
  • Optimizes your study plan for ultimate efficiency at every step

Know When You’re Ready With ReadySCORE™

You’ll also get a ReadySCORE when you complete your initial assessment. Your ReadySCORE and accompanying diagnostic report is designed to take the guesswork out of studying. As it updates in real-time, it will:

  • Tell you what you’d score on the SIE Exam if you took it today
  • Estimate how many study hours you need to reach a passing score
  • Estimate how many hours you’ll SAVE using A.S.A.P. Technology instead of a linear review course
  • Continually update on your dashboard as you study, showing you exactly how you’re doing
  • Tell you when you’re truly ready to pass!
We Guarantee It!
“I’ve tried other test prep courses and found this to be the best, most flexible, comprehensive, easy to understand out of all of them.”
Mark M.