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Host: Joshua “JJ the CPA” Jenson
Guest: Juan Garcia

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – the “Big Four” of the social media platforms (so to speak) – have the potential to be useful tools for accounting firms to attract potential clients, promote your small business, and for business owners to incorporate in their overall marketing strategy. However, there’s a certain amount of necessary know-how that goes into creating a social media strategy. You might have an idea of what you want to accomplish (attract 3 new clients directed from social media ads, attain 100 followers per platform, etc.), but perhaps you don’t know where to start (how to use hashtags to your benefit, how to reach your target audience, how many tweets should be tweeted per day, etc.) or if promoting your business on the major social networks is even the right move for you.

In this episode of The Surge, JJ the CPA and Juan Garcia, CPA address concretely why they believe CPAs and accountants need to be on social media and ideas on how to go about being active, including creating content for social media posts. They will discuss the concerns certified public accountants have with posting on their social media accounts as they deal with technical, ever-changing information.

Juan is a CPA marketer with plenty of thought leadership pertaining to social media best practices. He talks through how social media management is a completely different ball game compared to traditional marketing. Social media can be a great fit for CPAs because it’s free, and this episode will explain and encourage you on how to take full advantage of that!

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