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Host: Rich Daisley

Guest: Mike Rice, CPA

Becoming a certified public accountant is a long journey that requires a significant amount of commitment, studying, and lifelong continuing education. Once you begin your accounting career, you may find that transitioning to the rigors of public accounting can be very challenging. Not to mention, many individuals must pass the CPA exam at the very start of their first accounting job.

Whether you plan on working in a public accounting firm or one of the big four companies, want to provide accounting services to a non-profit organization, or hope to one day become a CFO – the work experience requirements combined with earning your CPA certification can be incredibly overwhelming. Navigating these time commitments takes dedication, effective time management skills, and focus. However, this career path can lead you to becoming a private accountant, owning your own small business, working in a government agency, or any one of the other many positions you can hold after earning your CPA license.

Join Rich Daisley, who speaks from his years of experience, as he discusses these challenges with recent CPA Michael Rice. They share their secrets for successfully managing this critical time in a new accountant’s career.

Please feel free to connect with Rich and Mike on LinkedIn, or to reach out to Mike at michael.rice@wipfli.com.

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