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Though many accounting and finance accreditation exams have changed significantly over the past decade, most exam review courses haven’t changed their approach to studying. They simply add more material, while still recommending the same chapter-by-chapter study plan for every student.

Surgent recognized that this wasn’t an efficient way to prepare candidates – especially associates who already have a solid understanding of core accounting principles. That’s why our adaptive learning innovation, A.S.A.P. Technology™, is programmed to detect candidates’ knowledge gaps and provide relevant content aimed to close them.

Surgent Exam Review students achieve pass rates far above the national average while saving as many as 400 hours of study time. Our current firm partners are seeing that the Surgent approach to exam prep gets their associates exam-ready faster than ever before, allowing for a greater work/life balance and less burnout.

Thanks to our award-winning technology, Surgent Exam Review has been able to help thousands of associates pass the: EA, CMA, CIA, CISA, and CPA exams.

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What makes Surgent different?

Surgent is the only course on the market with adaptive learning technology that specializes to each student. A.S.A.P. Technology, Surgent’s proprietary adaptive learning software, includes three phases: Assessment, Study, and Review.

In the Assessment phase, candidates answer questions from each exam section using their current knowledge. The Assessment phase concludes by presenting candidates with a thorough diagnostic report and a ReadySCORE, our exam-readiness metric that estimates what a candidate would score if they were to sit for the CMA, EA, CIA, CISA, or CPA Exam at that moment.

From there, candidates enter the Study phase, where A.S.A.P. Technology serves candidates the content they need to advance through their course. Once candidates reach a passing ReadySCORE, they enter into the review phase, complete with unlimited practice exams. And because their ReadySCORE is closely calibrated to actual exam scores, they can go into exam day confident they’re prepared to pass.

Introducing Firm360

Surgent Exam Review recently launched Firm360™, an organizational dashboard to help firms better coach their staff through the exam review process. Through Firm360, Human Resources and Learning & Development professionals have instant access to the detailed performance reports generated for candidates in Surgent’s Exam Prep software. This includes:

  • ReadySCORE™, our estimate of what candidates would score on the exam at their current knowledge level
  • Diagnostic Reports, benchmarking each associate’s starting point, best and worst topic areas, and an estimate of how long it will take them to get exam-ready
  • Progress Reports, detailing each associate’s study session progress by topic and question type
  • Video Reports, showing which instructional lectures the associate has watched and for how long

Since the data in Firm360 is given in real-time, candidates’ study progress is always up to date. This makes tracking and reporting cohort progress easy! Plus, selective access to Firm360 can be given to mentors to help them create study goals and drill into specific topic areas where the candidate shows lower levels of comprehension in one-on-one sessions.

Firm360 is currently available for any Surgent Exam Review course, including CPA Review, CMA Review, EA Review, CIA Review, and CISA Review. To learn more about Firm360, contact Surgent’s market development manager for your firm or complete the form above.

Introducing Surgent IQ

Surgent IQ™ courses marry Surgent’s proven ability to deliver engaging instruction on forward-thinking yet practical content with its easy-to-use, on-demand software delivery system to produce a rich, convenient, and meaningful learning experience to get ahead at any stage of career.

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