Every CPA review course tends to advertise the same selling points – smart/adaptive learning technology, tutoring, video content, textbooks and flashcards… the list goes on. Rather than comparing prices and basic features, try finding a course that matches your learning style.  

Ultimately, finding a course that helps you process information the best can help you better retain information and study less. Here’s how Surgent CPA Review helps visual learners excel. 

Five examples of visual learning with Surgent CPA Review

Not only are Surgent’s course features useful to visual learners, our course is also organized in an easy-to-process, visually appealing format.  

Here’s the breakdown of visual features that will elevate your study sessions. 

1. Visually map your study path, schedule and progress 

After completing your initial assessment, Surgent CPA Review gives you a summary of your progress. See your starting ReadySCORE™, study progress, difficult topics and more in a color-coded dashboard. Dials move from red, to yellow to green as you improve. 

best cpa review for visual learners

Next, your Daily Surge cards will help you easily see what to study each day. Simply choose the tile containing content you’d like to study next. 

cpa review visual learning

All the while, your progress updates in real-time dashboards. Review these visual elements to see how much you’ve studied and what’s left to achieve a passing ReadySCORE. 

cpa prep visual learning

2. Just-in-time learning features pair helpful explanations with wrong answers

As you answer questions throughout your studies, you are sure to make mistakes. Surgent provides well-placed explanations when questions are answered incorrectly. Relevant textbook material will appear in a sidebar next to the missed question. 

As visual learners thrive with reading material, this makes it easy for them to access crucial information at the right time (without leafing through a textbook). 

cpa exam review visual learning

3. Flashcards help you memorize 

Visual learners excel when they use flashcards to memorize information. Surgent offers both printed and digital flashcards to suit your preferences. 

Digital flashcards, located in Surgent’s study companion app, are based on questions you get incorrect. These give you an extra boost with difficult material.  

cpa review flashcards mobile

4. The Study Companion App provides mobile access that syncs to your progress

To stay consistent with your study sessions, you’ll have to study on the go at times. As a visual learner, you may prefer using a mobile app where you can picture information on your phone. Seeing questions and videos is likely more appealing to you than listening to a lecture in your car. 

While Surgent CPA Review works on mobile devices, our Study Companion App takes it a step further. Quick sessions are available at your fingertips, in the format of videos, flashcards or quiz questions. 

Best of all, this app is the only one in the industry that syncs to your course progress. Zero in on the features that are easy to use on your phone and see your progress improve when you get back to your desktop. 

cpa review mobile app

5. Visually analyze your practice test results

When you enter the practice test phase, Surgent will display your results in a dashboard. You will see your score, how much time you spent and weightings based on the actual CPA Exam. 

You can also use the recommended study actions, which are easily accessible in this report. 

cpa review practice exams

Why visual learning styles are important for everyone

The basic learning styles include visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning. Auditory learners do well with listening to explanations, kinesthetic learners process information with hands-on experience and visual learners best process information that they can see. 

Even if you strongly prefer one method, it is beneficial to use a well-rounded mix of all learning styles in your course. According to Life Sciences Education: 

“The cognitive theory of multimedia learning builds on the cognitive load theory, noting that working memory has two channels for information acquisition and processing: a visual/pictorial channel and an auditory/verbal-processing channel. Although each channel has limited capacity, the use of the two channels can facilitate the integration of new information into existing cognitive structures.”  

How do you know if you’re a visual learner?

You may have already determined that you like to look at infographics and whiteboards to process information. Here are additional signs you are a visual learner. 

  • When trying to recall information, you picture the sentence in the textbook where you read a response. 
  • You like to interpret visual patterns and graphs. 
  • You enjoy using checklists and planners to stay organized. 
  • You experience wandering thoughts and vivid daydreams. 
  • You prefer to look at maps and directions than hear them. 

Find a CPA Review provider that matches your learning style

Here are some basic features that you should look for based on your learning preferences. Again, while it’s important to focus on your primary learning methods, a mix of all these features will give you an edge. 

Visual learning course features

  • Flashcards 
  • Explanatory videos 
  • Textbooks 
  • Well-designed interface 

Auditory learning course features

  • Flashcards (if you read them aloud) 
  • Lectures 
  • Options to hear textbook material 
  • Mobile listening options 
  • Podcasts

Kinesthetic learning course features

  • Simulations 
  • Unlimited practice exams 
  • Plenty of MCQs 
  • Lectures that walk through real scenarios and give practical applications 

How Surgent saves time for all types of learners

Surgent CPA Review has plenty of features for visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners. Finding content that matches your learning preferences (and helps you retain information quickly) is just one way Surgent saves you time. Study less and pass faster with these features: 

  • A.S.A.P. ® Technology – Surgent’s proprietary adaptive learning algorithm helps you focus on your weaker areas. Reduce the content that you already know. 
  • Retain and advance – Surgent doesn’t fully skip the content you know. Our algorithm mixes in older questions with new, ensuring that you don’t forget crucial information. With other courses, you’ll waste time going back to the older material and re-learning elements.  
  • Remove planning and admin work – Daily Surge cards show you exactly what you need to review. You’ll never have to plan out what to study that day. Instead, we’ll guide you through your fastest path, making adjustments in real time. 

With plenty of visual and time-saving features, Surgent can save you hundreds of hours of study time. Sign up for a free trial to see for yourself.