Graduation season is here. You are celebrating senior week with your friends, relishing the last few days of college life. The real world is just around the corner, and there is a big item on your to-do list…the CPA EXAM! I know, you would like to put the whole process on hold, take the summer off, and have some fun! Before you do consider these important facts about CPA Exam pass rates:

  • Candidates who take the CPA Exam immediately after college have the highest pass rates.
  • Pass rates drop off dramatically in as little as three months after college.
  • Why? You just studied accounting for 4+ years. Everything is fresh in your mind. You still have your study skills. Many recent college graduates are not juggling full-time employment, families, and the CPA Exam at the same time.

So here is my advice:

1. Before you start celebrating too much, apply to take the CPA Exam before the end of May.

2. Enroll in Surgent CPA Review.

3. Take the remainder of May off! Celebrate!

4. Hit the books and start studying June 1.

Not a recent college graduate? We offer tuition payment plans, and even higher discounts to candidates who took another review course and did not pass.

Our course features:

  • Lectures are 1 hour or less.  Our lectures and software are compatible with iPads, tablets, android devices, etc.
  • We have an 87% pass rate (National average is only 43%).
  • We not only TEACH content, we also go over 100’s of multiple choice questions and simulations in class. 
  • Customized study notes are also prepared for each lecture giving the student an immediate study aide, which helps to reduce study time.
  • Students can contact our instructors directly.
  • We use adaptive-learning software, helping students to reduce study time. MCQ’s 5,600 (AICPA-Licensed), 250 task-based simulations, integrated textbooks, complete practice exams, all included in the software at no additional charge.
  • We have a Study Planner – Simply enter the date of the exam, chose what days of the week you plan to study, and the software will calculate the recommended time of study per session.
  • Tuition payment plans also available on discounted tuition.
  • Full-course access for 24 months.

Have questions? Feel free to send us an email at

We look forward to helping you achieve success on the CPA Exam!