In this issue, discover what to expect when you arrive at the Prometric Testing Center for the CPA Exam, so that nothing catches you by surprise on your testing date.

What to expect when you arrive at Prometric:

  • Sitting for the CPA Exam is a unique experience, especially when it comes to Prometric. There are very strict rules and regulations that can easily prevent you from being able to complete your exam, or even sit in the exam room. It is extremely important that you plan your trip to Prometric in advance; from your outfit to the items that you choose to bring with you![spacer height=”10px”]
  • Plan to arrive at the testing center at least 15 minutes prior to your exam time. Traffic and parking can be unpredictable, and if you arrive after your scheduled time, Prometric will not allow you to sit for your exam. It wouldn’t hurt to drive to take a test drive to Prometric beforehand so you are familiar with the area.[spacer height=”10px”]
  • Make sure to bring a valid photo ID. The two best options are Driver’s License and Passport. You can check the Prometric website for additional options.[spacer height=”10px”]
  • DO NOT FORGET YOUR NTS (Notice to Schedule)! You cannot take your exam without presenting your NTS.[spacer height=”10px”]
  • Prometric will assign you a locker and provide you with a key. ALL your personal belongings need to be placed in this locker while you are taking your exam. The only things you will be allowed to take with you into the testing room are your ID, your key, and the items given by Prometric staff.[spacer height=”10px”]
  • You can bring snacks and drinks, but keep them in your locker. You can only access these items during your break.[spacer height=”10px”]
  • IT IS SUGGESTED THAT YOU LEAVE YOUR PHONE AT HOME OR IN THE CAR. Prometric has a zero tolerance policy regarding phone usage. If you are caught with your phone in hand in between the time you begin and end your exam, you will be reported to NASBA and possibly asked to leave.[spacer height=”10px”]
  • Keep in mind you are on camera at all times while inside the testing facility. Any suspicious activity may cause your score to be rejected.[spacer height=”10px”]
  • You may not have anything in your pockets. Be prepared to also be scanned with a metal detector and finger printed to confirm your identity.
  • Prometric will supply you with a dry erase marker and board to serve as scrap paper.[spacer height=”10px”]
  • If you have questions or issues while testing, just raise your hand. Prometric employees can see you need help on the cameras.[spacer height=”10px”]

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