Whether you’re considering obtaining your CPA credential or you’re already in the process of studying for your CPA Exam – you’re on the path toward a very lucrative career. Soon-to-be CPAs and students considering pursuing a CPA license have a lot to consider on their career path. What exactly does a CPA do? How should you dress for your first accounting interview? What is it like to actually work as a practicing CPA? Thankfully, there’s a brand-new website that has the answers to your questions and a forum where you can talk to other CPAs-to-be – just like you. Read on to learn more about ExamMatrix and how this website can help you on your path toward becoming a CPA.

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Carolyn Rivera is Surgent’s Social Media Associate, overseeing the growth of the company’s social media presence for all brands, as well as creating content for and managing ExamMatrix – Surgent’s community forum website focused on providing professional guidance and the most up-to-date industry information to soon-to-be accounting professionals. She is a master’s student of media studies and production at Temple University.