“At the end of the day, it’s just a really good feeling to know you worked hard for something and you were able to achieve it,” CPA candidate Jessica Sandhu said.

Well said, Jess! This sense of achievement is what validates the sacrifices we make to complete any goal in life.

To test for the CPA Exam, students must sacrifice work hours, time spent with family, social engagements and even money (yes, it does cost money to take the exam)!

In this video, Jess discusses why her own sacrifices have been worth it – for both the sense of achievement and for the opportunities she’ll have once she becomes a CPA.

Click the play button to watch the video:

YouTube video

Jessica Sandhu is the Student Development Manager for Surgent CPA Review. Jessica graduated with degrees in accounting, finance, and business management from West Chester University, and ultimately pursued a career in accounting. Before joining Surgent CPA Review, Jessica worked as an Auditor for a large regional accounting firm and spent a few years as a Retail Accountant. Jessica is currently sitting for the CPA Exam.

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