A lot of review courses say they have adaptive learning technology – but what does that mean? And do they really?

“Adaptive learning” is a catchy phrase that a lot of exam review providers are using to describe how their courses function. On the face of it, adaptive learning software uses technology to lower study time by literally adapting to your personal learning style. Essentially, this technology molds itself to you. But, not all exam prep courses are created equally.

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What does adaptive learning mean to Surgent?

One of our most sought after course features is the proprietary AI-enabled software that we created and own, called A.S.A.P® Technology. This tailors your entire learning experience based on your progress in different content areas – even using real time data and up-to-date exam content to continuously adapt the course and the study materials as you learn.

How can this help you?

Our technology continuously evaluates your knowledge gaps and shuffles the content in your study guide to focus on what you still need to know ahead of your exam, even adjusting the course materials and study planner based on how close you are to the exam day. In short – it can save you time by focusing your study sessions on your weak areas, and spending less time on the knowledge you already have.

Why study dozens, or even hundreds of hours more than you need to? Check out the video for more info on adaptive technology, and how A.S.A.P technology is different. Then, sign up for a free trial to try Surgent’s adaptive learning yourself!