Predictive AI technology is Surgent’s smart adaptive learning algorithm for exam prep. It creates a personalized experience that helps you study efficiently, optimizing in real time.  

In a nutshell, studying with PREDICTIVE AI Technology will help you: 
  • Reduce study time and stress 
  • Remove hassle with guided study 
  • Boost retention of information 
  • Increase your odds of passing on the first try

Efficient and effective study sessions 

When using Predictive AI technology, study sessions are faster and more effective. Study less and retain more. 

Skip content that you have already learned

Your initial study plan is based on a diagnostic exam. However, Surgent’s smart algorithm will continue to adjust your plan with your progress each session. Content you master will appear less, and content you need to learn will appear more. 

Don’t forget older content  

In other courses, you’re bound to forget the material you studied in the beginning. You’ll likely waste time reviewing this material after course completion. On the other hand, Surgent will always mix older content in with the new to keep it top-of-mind. 

Eliminate planning time

Because Predictive AI technology adapts your study plan in real time, you won’t have to plan out sessions. Simply follow along your personalized path, reviewing the material that Surgent presents in your “Daily Surge” cards. 

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Who benefits from Predictive AI technology? 

Because Surgent Exam Review begins with a diagnostic exam to build your study plan, it truly meets you where you are. There is no need to study everything.  

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If you’ve already put 100 hours of study time in with another provider, Surgent is designed to build upon existing knowledge. A.S.A.P. Technology helps you close the loop, only focusing on your weaknesses. 

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If you already have a strong understanding of exam content through your course studies, you don’t have to worry about wasting time reviewing material you know. 

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If it’s been a while since you’ve taken a test or reviewed terminology, A.S.A.P. Technology will make sure you are focusing on content that is heavily weighted on the exam. 

“Surgent’s tailored study plan & expert counseling helped me achieve success.”

Lorena A.

Key features of Predictive AI technology 

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This score prediction metric shows your competence in each topic and for the full exam. See your strengths and weaknesses as they adjust in real time. Plus, know exactly when you’re ready to stop studying. A green ReadySCORE indicates that you will pass the exam, guaranteed. 


Surgent’s advanced question algorithm presents material by difficulty. Once you’ve mastered easier content, you’ll advance to more challenging material. This method pushes you towards proficiency faster.  

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Just-in-time learning 

As you answer practice questions incorrectly, Surgent immediately presents you with an explanation and reference material. You’ll also see more questions surrounding this concept to give you extra practice when you need it most. 

Daily Surge 

Don’t waste time planning what to study. Daily Surge cards will guide you through each study session.