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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Enrolled Agent (EA) exam offered?

The EA exam is offered from May 1 – February 28, with blackout periods in March and April.

Where can I take the EA exam?

Exams are offered at Prometric test centers. Candidates living overseas can find international testing locations at Prometric.com/SEE by selecting “Contact Numbers–Including International Contacts”.

How is the EA exam scored?

Candidates’ raw scores are converted into a scale ranging from 40–130. Candidates must receive a scaled score of 105 to pass.

How much does the EA exam cost?

Exam fees of $203 (effective March 31, 2022) per part are due at the time of scheduling. Note that these fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

How long do I have to pass all three EA exam sections?

Candidates must pass all three parts of the EA exam within two years, starting from the date the first exam is passed.

When are EA exam scores released?

Candidates will receive their test results immediately upon exam completion.

Do Enrolled Agents have continuing education (CE) requirements?

Yes. Enrolled Agents must complete at least 72 hours of CE from an IRS-approved CE provider every three years. Additionally, EAs must complete at least 16 hours of CE per year, including two hours on the subject of ethics. View a list of IRS-approved Enrolled Agent CE course packages.

How do I prepare for Enrolled Agent Exam?

To prepare for the three-part EA Exam, you will need a basic understanding of tax. Surgent EA Review can help you understand your knowledge gaps, get familiar with the question formats and predict your score. With a comprehensive exam prep course, like Surgent, you should be fully confident you’ll pass on the first try. 

Is the Enrolled Agent Exam difficult?

The Enrolled Agent exam has an approximate pass rate of 70%. As long as you fully prepare, you have a strong chance of passing. 

What is the best EA study program?

According to independent review sites like Crush the EA Exam and Accounting Institute for Success, Surgent EA Review is the best course for tax professionals. Surgent EA Review includes personalized, guided study, time-saving features and plenty of options to suit your learning style.  

What is the hardest part of the Enrolled Agent Exam?

The hardest part of the exam is building your testing endurance. When taking a three-hour (or more) exam, it’s challenging to maintain focus. Surgent offers unlimited practice exams and coaching options to help you become a better testtaker.