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Host: Rich Daisley

Guest: Marci Thomas


The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are wide-ranging, with a significant impact on accounting and financial reporting for all entities. While accounting standards remain the same, it’s no question that those in decision-making positions within their organizations have a lot to consider in regard to the fast-moving government mandates that are materializing during this unprecedented time.

Complicating the application of generally accepted accounting principles, accounting policies, general ledgers, and many other facets of accounting and reporting is the inherent uncertainty in which everyone is making decisions, including those with financial reporting implications. This period of time is uniquely impacting the accounting profession, in both large and small business environments, all over the world.

In this podcast, Surgent A&A content authors Rich Daisley and Marci Thomas will discuss the various financial accounting, disclosure, and reporting implications that all preparers of financial statements will be facing throughout the future of this unforeseeable time. Whether you’re a CPA, a CFO, work in bookkeeping, or maintain an eye on the accounting reports in your organization – give this podcast a listen for some really great takeaways.


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