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Host: Anthony Ragucci

Guest: Carolyn Rivera

There’s no getting around the fact that COVID-19 has disrupted our entire lives. Whether you were a full-time student or employee, had a commute that took 2 hours combined, or you were always a remote worker but now your team has transitioned to a work-at-home routine — we’re all in flux trying to convert a corner of our space into a makeshift home office, constantly making sure our internet connection is always strong enough for our Zoom calls, and always trying to make sure our bosses know we’re still being productive while trying to figure out a new work-life balance.
Work from home jobs are nothing new, but they’re certainly new to many of us who have relied on our typical workdays to remain consistent parts of our daily routine. Somewhere in between the weekly check-ins with your department, the innumerable conference calls, the messages on Slack and checking your social media — it’s incredibly important to make your new remote working life both productive and comfortable.

In this podcast episode, we discuss the challenges and hardships faced with our new ‘normal,’ work-from-home lifestyles during the coronavirus pandemic. Join Anthony Ragucci and Carolyn Rivera as they share their thoughts and experiences on staying positive during this trying time.

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