It’s no secret that technology has become a larger part of our lives; consequently, the use of tech and information systems has grown exponentially in the business world. If working with IT appeals to you, and you love to explore and learn new things, becoming a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) might be a great career fit. Here, we’ll talk about five benefits to becoming a CISA, and how you can get on track to earning the CISA certification.

1. It’s a Niche Market Looking for Experts

Not every IT auditor needs to have their CISA, but as the IT field continues to grow, so does the demand for credentialed professionals who can analyze and help protect information system assets. The CISA certification is a well-established qualification in the field of IT auditing and will open a variety of doors in the field. In fact, some employers require it as a prerequisite to employment. Gaining your CISA shows recruiters and employers that you’re serious about working as an IT auditor and you’re dedicated to a career in the industry.

2. Be at the Forefront of an Evolving Business World

IT auditing is the perfect profession for someone who loves variety and wants to be on the forefront of new technology. Information systems are one of the most dynamic aspects of our evolving business world, and becoming a CISA will prove to employers you’re prepared to face that challenge. More accounting functions are being done through information systems; as a CISA credentialed IT auditor, you’ll work in a forward thinking and forward moving field.

3. Command a High Salary

IT auditors are specialists, so it’s no surprise they command a higher salary than others in the auditing field. According to Robert Half, IT auditor jobs were among the top 10 positions for 2017, with the average starting salary ranging from $74,250 to $103,500, depending on their experience and the company size. IT auditors in management positions had a salary range of $112,250 to $171,500.

As we mentioned before, having the CISA credential proves to employers you’re both serious about the profession and highly qualified for the position, allowing you to potentially command a greater salary.

4. Varied Growth Opprounities

Information systems and technology are showing no signs of slowing down, with new software and applications being developed every day. Consequently, the field of IT auditing is also growing. Getting your CISA credential now will prepare you to move up the ladder into a senior or managerial position in the future. If you’re interested in eventually jumping into industry, the CISA certification will help land you an advanced position and may give you the boost you need to become a CIO.

5. The Certification is Globally Recognized

The CISA certification marks you as a competent professional on a global scale. If you have any interest working abroad, getting your CISA credential will create career potential and allow you to seamlessly transfer to both public companies and industry all over the world. As our economy becomes more globalized, it’s crucial for employees to be able to think and act on a global scale, and the CISA credential will prove you’re up for the task.

No matter how you slice it, specializing as an IT auditor and gaining the CISA certification is a rewarding step forward for anyone interested in technology, risk assessment and data analytics. If you’re ready to get on the path to becoming a CISA, check out how Surgent’s adaptive learning technology can help you prepapre for and pass the CISA exam.