Are you considering the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification? In this overview of the CMA Exam and certification, we’ll look at what it means to become a CMA, why you should consider earning the certification and what you need to do to get started 

Who should get the CMA credential? 

While CPAs traditionally focus on auditing and tax compliance, a CMA specializes in analysis, budgeting and internal strategic decision making. Therefore, accounting and financial professionals looking to advance and hold leadership positions within a company should consider the CMA certification. You might even consider taking the CMA Exam while still in your undergraduate program or early in your career, since unlike the CPA Exam, you can sit for the exam before completing certification requirements. 

Why get the CMA credential? 

CMAs have many career opportunities at their fingertips! The certification is internationally recognized, often leading to careers as CFOs, Corporate Controllers orand VPs of Strategy. Employers will see that you have the strategic financial skills that drive business growth. Furthermore, CMAs earn 33% more than non-certified professionals at the same level. The value of the CMA credential is undeniable! 

How does Surgent CMA Review work?

Surgent CMA Review Overview

What is the process for becoming a CMA?

Becoming a CMA begins with enrolling in the CMA program, joining the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) and registering for the CMA Exam. You will have to score 360 out of 500 on both exam sections to pass in a three-year window of time. Remember, you still need to complete your two years of work experience as a requirement to become a CMA.

What can I expect from the CMA Exam?

The CMA Exam covers a variety of topics in accounting, finance, and management and your best chance for success will be relying on an exam review provider for help. Surgent CMA Review creates a personalized study plan that optimizes to your needs and schedule in real time, offering the industry’s shortest amount of study hours to pass.

Ready to earn the CMA credential?

If you think you’re ready to take your career to the next level, Surgent CMA Review can provide you with the tools you need to earn the CMA certificate. The CMA promises career advancement and higher earning potential.

Try Surgent CMA Review today and find out how our industry-leading technology can help you advance your career.

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