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The Value of the CMA Credential

So, you’re interested in becoming a Certified Management Accountant (CMA)? That’s great – and shouldn’t have to be difficult. The value of the CMA is huge, and it’s continuing to grow because of its responsibility within the industry.

CMAs work with the financials of the company, seeking out strategic wins and managing losses appropriately – the CMA are the eyes for the company to see with during both the best of economic times, and the worst of economic times.

On this page, you can find more information about why the CMA is valuable, resources to direct your attention to and get your hands on our study guide that can help you to pass a CMA Exam section in just four weeks.

Are you an aspiring CMA?

Are you wondering how to pass the CMA Exam in as little time as possible? Passing an exam section in just four weeks might sound daunting, but with the right study plan, it’s completely possible.

Surgent CMA Review’s proprietary adaptive learning platform (A.S.A.P. Technology™) makes it extremely feasible by significantly reducing your study time.

This comprehensive guide covers:

  • What you need to know about becoming a Certified Management Accountant
  • Top tips for passing the CMA Exam
  • How much time you’ll need to pass
  • Our suggested study schedule
  • How A.S.A.P. Technology can help you study more efficiently
  • Fill out the short form to the right to download the guide!

The CMA is the foundational credential. It’s the skillset I use every day, it’s really the skillset that I have as a CFO

Irvin Andre Alexander, III, CMA, CFM, CPA, CAE

(IMA Success Story)

Get Your Hands on the Guide

A guide for aspiring Certified Management Accountants

5 Reasons You Should Consider the CMA


1. CMAs Have a Much Higher Earning Potential

In fact, the IMA’s recent Salary Survey suggests that CMAs earn 60% more than non-CMAs. That’s quite a boost to your income!

2. Specialization Makes You Stand Out

Hiring managers are often flooded with applications for positions, so you need your resume to stand out if you want to land an interview. The CMA credential highlights your ability to make strategic decisions and prepare data for internal use within a company, giving you greater credibility in a pool of candidates.

3. You’ll Be More Prepared for a Management Position

To pass the CMA exam and become credentialed, candidates need to learn to effectively use financial tools. They also need to prove they can manage performance and make decisions, both of which imperative to be successful in a management position. By becoming a CMA, candidates prove they’re ready to be managers in an organization.

4. It Provides Career Advancement

Accountants working in industry can hit a ceiling without specialized knowledge or credentials. If you want to work in corporate finance, a CMA credential can help you reach the upper ranks of an organization.

5. The CMA Credential is Globally Recognized

While many licenses are state recognized or nationally recognized in the United States, the CMA is a globally recognized credential. In an economy relying less on national boundaries, companies are looking for accountants who will help them gain a competitive advantage in their market. CMAs are recognized and respected globally, and their presence within an organization proves a company is taking the necessary steps to grow, providing peace of mind to stakeholders.

More Resources For Your CMA Journey

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