5 reasons becoming an EA is a great career choice

Why become an Enrolled Agent? Let’s get down to business. An EA credential costs less in time and money than other credentials. To earn an EA, there are no educational requirements, and the cost of the exam is less than $600 and you have two years to pass all three sections. Don’t worry. Many people pass all three sections in months. Compare that to the CPA credential, which requires 150-hours of schooling at the collegiate level and sets an 18-month clock to pass all the parts.  

The difference is obvious. With a relatively low investment, doors open to exciting opportunities. Consider these five reasons why becoming an enrolled agent is a great career choice.

5 reasons you should become an EA  

Chances are, you enjoy tax preparation and have a knack for working with people. The EA credential can get you out of a rut with these five benefits.  

EA career provides job security

Enrolled agents are recession proof. After all, even CPAs lose business when the economy goes up and down like a roller coaster. 

But from the EA’s perspective, there are always taxes to be paid, and where there are taxes, there are people with questions. Being able to answer those questions is a year-round job.  

EAs have the knowledge and skills to act as tax advisers and representatives. As taxes become increasingly complicated, they will continue to be a sought-after resource. There’s currently a shortage of EAs nationwide, making the holders of EA credentials in high demand.  

Representation before the IRS

Sure, the CPA is a respected credential in accounting, but getting there can take years. The EA, on the other hand, can be earned in a year or less. When you’re approved, you can represent taxpayers in front of the IRS and earn the same right of unlimited representation that a CPA has. As long as you maintain your continuing education requirements and your PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number), you’ll be listed in the IRS National Database. 

The EA equips you to handle an array of tax matters, including audits, appeals and collections. EAs also can work in all 50 states.  

Recognized as a tax expert

Imagine this sign on your door and social media accounts: “Tax expert.” That’s sure to get the attention of anyone stuck in a tax morass. As an enrolled agent, you get the stamp of approval from the IRS. Clients trust you because you are an IRS certified tax expert.  

There’s much more than a credential at play here. People need a tax navigator they can trust, and having your EA demonstrates credibility. In this increasingly mobile and, virtual world, the ability to work across state boundaries connects you with people who need your services coast to coast regardless of your location. 

Financial security

As an EA, your earning potential is only limited by the number of clients you take on. With a full suite of tax services in your portfolio, you control your earnings. You can help untangle complicated tax returns, audits, and more. In return, employers and individual clients will pay well for your guidance. 

Enrolled agents have the freedom to work full time, part time, year-round or seasonally. Some even earn enough in busy season and then take the rest of the year off. Imagine the sunny – or snowy – places where you can spend your time!  

Many EAs start their own businesses, taking the entrepreneurial approach to building their income and enjoying the freedom of working independently. 

EAs take on more responsibility

Maybe you enjoy dealing with tax preparation and tax-related matters, but when you have ideas about tax-saving strategies or better ways to do things, the doors are closed to you. 

As an EA, you can get a seat at the decision-making table. You are trusted with more responsibility and expand your range of services, so employers and clients will look to you for advice.  

 Consider these jobs you can perform as an EA: 

  • Helping clients get through audits. 
  • Representing clients in IRS appeals proceedings.  
  • Preparing and filing documents on a client’s behalf. 
  • Corresponding directly with the IRS. 
  • Attending hearings or conferences for your client. 
  • Providing written advice to third parties on the tax implications of business transactions. 

This level of expertise makes you a valuable asset to employers and clients. And of course, your skill in all these areas earns you more than you could get without your EA. 

Surgent sets you up for success

The requirements for earning the enrolled agent credential are manageable, and yet, there simply aren’t enough EAs to meet demand.  

Earn the EA credential, and you are in the driver’s seat. You boost your career prospects, earning potential, job security and credibility. You are a tax expert recognized with the highest credential the IRS awards, and people seek out your guidance.  

Passing the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE), also called the EA Exam, is the first step toward success. Surgent EA Review has you covered, offering a clear map to passing the SEE exam, customized to your skills and talents, with: 

  • A.S.A.P.® Technology. Adaptive learning technology assesses your baseline level of knowledge and plots a study course from there. No need to waste time studying things you already know.  
  • ReadySCORE™. With ReadySCORE, you know when it’s time to take the exam, because it pinpoints the score you would get if you were to take the exam that day. Don’t you wish you’d had ReadySCORE for that big calculus final in your senior year? 
  • MyMCQ™. With the SEE, your ability to accurately answer multiple-choice questions is crucial. MyMCQ helps prevent unwelcome surprises by offering sample questions that get harder as you build your knowledge base  
  • Personalized dashboard. Track your progress daily. Plus, just a few keystrokes tell you what you need to study that day, so you can make the most of your time.   
  • Unlimited practice exams. If the thought of taking an exam is keeping you from pursuing an EA, don’t worry. With Surgent EA Review, unlimited practice exams help you build confidence. 
  • A 100% pass guarantee. Surgent’s 96% pass rate is a product of all this customized learning, but if you don’t pass the exam, you get your money back. That’s one less thing to worry about. 

The world needs more EAs, so don’t wait. The enrolled agent credential is your ticket to a more fulfilling career. Contact Surgent EA Review today to learn more!