Benefits of CISA certification. As IT gains ground in every aspect of business, so does the need for controls and security. Risk compliance demands that companies maintain strict standards to protect vulnerable information from compromise.  

The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) stands at that crucial juncture. The CISA credential keeps you and your career in step with the rapid evolution of IT. If you’ve been considering the CISA certification, it’s time to make the plunge. Auditors who are well-versed in digital-environment auditing are in high demand and earn great salaries.  

If you enjoy working with IT and you’re always itching to learn what’s next, becoming a CISA could be an excellent career fit. Consider the benefits to earning your CISA, and you’ll be on the pathway to career success. 

Reasons to become CISA certified 

Like any credential worth having, earning the CISA through the ISACA certification process requires diligence and hard work to achieve. Once it’s yours, the benefits in prestige, job opportunities and pay last a lifetime: 

  • The CISA is recognized worldwide. In a global business climate, the CISA credential empowers you to work across international boundaries. 
  • Increasingly, the CISA is a prerequisite for many job openings. With the CISA, you have a competitive advantage in the job market.  
  • Higher standing. Your expertise in the evolution and risks of IT gives you a seat at the strategy table. 
  • Increased credibility in the workplace. People listen because you have proven credentials. You passed a rigorous exam and accumulated the work and educational experience needed to succeed in real-world scenarios. 
  • Help keeping pace with the highest professional standards of the industry, through ISACA’s requirements and continuing professional education program. 
  • Confirmation of your knowledge, experience and expertise in the field. Colleagues are confident in your ability to meet any challenges that may arise. 
  • With more knowledge comes higher pay.  

Remember that CISA professionals subscribe to a strict code of ethics in professional and personal performance. Failure to comply could lead to investigation and discipline, so ethical behavior is a must for CISA professionals. 

5 benefits of CISA certification 

What is the CISA certification? Holders of the CISA credential are well-versed in information technology and its impact on business. While other IT audit certifications are available, they don’t have the same universal recognition as CISA. CISA-certified professionals have demonstrated their IT skills and their expertise in accomplishing auditing tasks made complex by the ubiquity of information technology. Consider these five benefits to putting your career into CISA mode. 

CISA professionals are in demand  

Sure, you can be an IT auditor without a CISA certification, but the IT field is growing exponentially. Certified professionals who can analyze and help secure information system resources top every help-wanted list. The CISA certification is well-established as an invaluable tool for IT auditing, opening doors into a variety of fields. Some employers even demand the CISA as a prerequisite for important IT-audit posts, so without it, you don’t even get an interview. Earning your CISA shows headhunters and employers that you are passionate about IT, eager to keep pace with changes and are committed to a career in IT auditing. 

Be at the forefront of new technology 

Staying on top of emerging technology can seem like a mind-bending task, but the CISA Exam and continuing education requirements equip you with the tools and skills to keep pace. The CISA is for you if you crave variety in your work and want to dance on that ever-moving ledge where IT is revolutionizing business functions. In particular, more accounting functions are operating through information systems. The CISA-certified IT auditor remains agile in a forward-thinking field. 

Earn a higher salary 

Incorporating IT into business functions offers rewards in efficiencies, but it also elevates the risks involved. Employers see CISA holders as the IT auditors best qualified to mitigate those risks, and they’re willing to pay a premium for those safeguards. CISA certificate holders make between $83,677 and $107,342 a year, according to PayScale. Security consultants earn between $67,860 and $106,407, while IS auditors earn between $59,647 and $82,159 a year. If you leverage your CISA certificate to become an internal audit director, your salary can climb to $136,082 a year.  

As you’ve seen, the CISA certification confirms two factors that attract top dollar in the fraught world of IT auditing – that you’re committed to the highest standards of the profession, and you’re highly qualified for the job. 

Professional growth opportunities  

Even in a world of slowdowns, information systems and technology are speeding up. New software and applications are emerging every day.  

With every leap forward, the field of IT auditing also grows. Earning your CISA certification now positions your future self to climb the ladder into senior and managerial positions, while non-CISA holders watch their opportunities dwindle. The CISA certification qualifies you for the top jobs in industry and can give your career a boost. 

Globally recognized certification 

If you dream of working abroad, the CISA certification is your passport to transferring smoothly to public companies and industry around the world. As the economy grows increasingly globalized, employers demand people who can think and act on a global platform. The CISA certification marks you as a skilled professional with worldwide recognition. 

Clearly, specializing as an IT auditor and augmenting it with the CISA certification offer rewards and benefits for anyone interested in technology, data analytics and risk assessment. The CISA is one of the most sought-after certification courses – and for good reason.  

Employers who pursue information technology to elevate their business practices want to protect their investments, so demand for trusted, credentialed IT auditors is rising significantly. More and more organizations insist on hiring and contracting with professionals who can elicit maximum value from their digital information systems and compete on a global scale. 

Surgent sets you on a path to success 

When you align the benefits of the CISA credential with the business world’s insatiable need for skilled IT auditors, earning the CISA becomes a no-brainer. If you’re ready for the challenge, you’ll have to pass all three parts of the CISA Exam. That’s where Surgent CISA Review gives you an edge.  

With Surgent’s market-leading tools and resources, CISA candidates learn their material faster while studying less. As the field of IT auditing moves at lightning pace, you’ll be in position sooner to take advantage of the opportunities that open for you.  

Surgent offers these innovations in helping you prepare for and pass the CISA Exam: 

  • A.S.A.P.® Technology: Chances are, you have education and experience that counts toward the test. Surgent begins by assessing your level of knowledge and comprehension, using the sophisticated adaptive learning platform called A.S.A.P. Technology. Armed with that information, Surgent customizes your course of study, directing you only to the areas you need to learn.  
  • ReadySCORE: Are you ready to sit for the test? Too soon, and you risk failure. Too late, and you’ve wasted precious time. Surgent’s award-winning ReadySCORE exam-readiness tool tracks your progress and predicts with remarkable accuracy what your score would be if you sat down that day for the exam. The peace of mind is priceless! 
  • Daily Surge: Your study time is too valuable to waste. With Surgent’s Daily Surge, personalized recommendations send you directly to the material you should be studying in order to fill the gaps in your knowledge base.  
  • MyMCQ: Sample tests are crucial to building and assessing your capacity to pass the exam. With MyMCQ, your multiple-choice question sample tests are personalized to your skill levels, pushing you to build proficiency. 
  • 100% pass guarantee: Surgent’s pass rates are tops in the field, but just in case, Surgent CISA Review’s pass guarantee promises that your investment is protected.  

Ready to learn more? 

With the CISA, you’re riding the wave of IT auditing. You earn a credential that’s globally recognized, respected by employers and offers a golden ticket to a prestigious, lucrative career.  

The sooner you start studying for and pass the CISA Exam, the sooner you’ll be ready to make the big career moves. Surgent CISA Review positions you for that day efficiently and quickly, making the best use of your time through adaptive technology and personalized guidance. 
Try Surgent for free and take the first step toward the exciting world ready and waiting for CISA-certified IT auditors.