Study tips to help you ace the CMA Exam

In the rush of daily life, who has time to think about the future? You know that a CMA would put your career into high gear, but family, friends and job responsibilities always seem to come first.

However, you can rest assured that you really do have the time needed to study for the CMA Exam. The key is to create a realistic study plan that can be accommodated into your daily routine.

Of course, you can’t do it alone. The right exam review course helps you maximize your studies and minimize your time on the way to passing the CMA Exam. Put together all the elements – your available study time, your preferred study approach, your familiarity with the material on the CMA Exam and your readiness to write formal essays – and you’ll create a strategy that puts you on the path to career success with a CMA in hand.

How to create an effective CMA study plan

Begin with your end goals in mind

Everything from your timeline to registration has to do with your end goals. You want to pass the CMA Exam. You plan to take it on a certain date. So, reverse engineering the sequence of events allows you to enjoy small successes along the way.

Create a study plan

Reverse engineering means starting at the end. Look ahead toward the day when you want to reach your goal of passing the CMA Exam and carve your available time into workable study modules.

Of course, even developing a schedule can seem daunting. You don’t want to have to think about whittling down your days, weeks and months into manageable study increments. Luckily, the right CMA Exam prep course does the work for you, giving you the confidence to move forward.

With Surgent CMA Review, all you do is plug in the time you have available to study during the week, how long you can study and the date of your scheduled exam. Your personalized study schedule is then automatically populated and is updated as you move through the course.

Decide which part of the CMA Exam you’re taking first

One of the nice things about the CMA Exam is that you get to choose the order in which you take the two parts. It’s up to you, but many people choose to take part that they feel most prepared to tackle first. So, if you know most of the content in Part 1, you won’t need as much study time. You can nail that part of the exam and then concentrate on the part that’s less familiar.

To decide which part is right for you, review IMA’s Content Specification Outline for the CMA Exam. Determine the key topics you know best, and you’ll have a handle on which part of the exam to schedule first.

Find a CMA review course that works for you

Everyone learns differently. Your unique learning and style can’t be pigeonholed into a one-size-fits-all study course. Some people are good at digesting textbook material. Some enjoy listening to audio lectures, while others gain comprehensive understanding by digging into multiple-choice questions and answers.

That’s why it’s essential to select a review course that can tailor a study plan to your distinct needs. A good review course lets you choose learning through a variety of means, whether it’s physical copies of materials, video lectures or a large bank of practice questions.

A good CMA Review course also makes these materials manageable, with plenty of resources, tips and support to optimize your study time. Surgent CMA Review makes studying easier – and faster – by guiding you toward the areas you need to study and letting you know where you stand t help you pass the CMA Exam faster. Consider these best-in-class features:

  • A.S.A.P.® Technology. Our proprietary adaptive technology learns as you go, assessing your initial knowledge base and tracking your progress as you accumulate new skills.
  • ReadySCORE™. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what your score would be if you sat for the CMA Exam today? Surgent CMA Review’s ReadySCORE does exactly that. You get the encouragement of watching your potential score grow, and you know the moment you’re ready to sit for the exam.
  • ReadyPASS™. This initial assessment establishes your baseline ReadySCORE, using an algorithm to design a course specific to your learning needs
  • Study materials and flash cards. For those who learn best through tangible study tools.
  • Personalized study plan. With the insights made available through A.S.A.P. Technology, Surgent CMA Review directs you to study the areas you need to know. Surgent doesn’t waste your time making you study subjects that you already comprehend.
  • Unlimited practice exams. Knowing what to expect when you sit down for the test is half the battle.
  • A 91% pass rate. Globally, the CMA Exam pass rate is under 50%. Imagine the discouragement. But Surgent CMA Review students have a remarkable 91% pass rate. You’re ready to move on to the next phase in your career faster!
  • A 100% pass guarantee. With Surgent, you don’t have to worry about losing your investment in a CMA Review course. A 100% pass guarantee gives you peace of mind, knowing that you get a full refund if you don’t pass.

Study in a productive environment

Over the years, you developed studying preferences just as unique as your learning style. Maybe you like to study in complete silence, or you enjoy listening to music. Perhaps you need to find a quiet, distraction-free place, or maybe you like the hubbub of a coffee shop or your own kitchen.

Whatever your preference, think about your most productive learning environment and work it into your study plan. Get the most out of your CMA Exam prep by creating a dedicated study space filled with all the materials you need, organized for easy access. If you like to find a spot in a coffee shop or a quiet corner of the library, stock a to-go kit with all the study materials, caffeine and snacks you’ll need for a productive session.

Study your weaker areas

You studied accounting or finance in college. You might have work experience in your field. All the knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years comes into the study phase with you. Some topics come easy. Others are unfamiliar, or just harder for you to grasp.

Remember that the CMA Exam includes topics that aren’t as heavily weighted or as heavily tested. When you plot out your study plan, it’s important to know which topics are emphasized and which are lightly tested, so you can invest your study time wisely.

An efficient CMA review course strategizes for you. Surgent’s A.S.A.P. Technology empowers you to build a strong base in every topic, with an algorithm that helps you focus on your weaker areas for success across the board.

Use study materials that let you know you’re ready

When it comes to preparing for the CMA Exam, more fingernails have been chewed to the quick over one question than any other: Am I ready to sit for the test? With other providers or self-study approaches it’s a guessing game with serious consequences. Wait too long, and you’ve wasted precious time. Take the test too soon, and you’re back to square one.

Your CMA prep course should let you know when you’re ready to pass the test. That’s one of the most important, and beloved, features of Surgent CMA Review. Surgent’s ReadySCORE is a remarkably accurate exam-readiness indicator, like a reverse gas gauge filling up until the day it tells you that you’re ready to begin the journey.

ReadySCORE uses adaptive technology to offer progress reports unique to you and your knowledge. It lets you know when you’re ready to pass the exam based on how you’ve done in each area of the course. Our ReadySCORE tool predicts what candidates will score on the actual CMA Exam with 91% accuracy. Surgent CMA Review takes the guesswork out of exam readiness.

Exam day tips

The big day is here. You’ve studied to the max. You know the material. Your Surgent CMA Review ReadySCORE predicts a passing score, so you’re filled with confidence. Follow these steps for exam-day success:

  • Each exam part is four hours. Make sure you are rested, nourished, and physically prepared for a lengthy process.
  • Manage your time carefully while taking the test. There are 100 multiple choice questions and two essay questions to complete in four hours.
  • Answer all the questions. Fortunately, the CMA Exam doesn’t penalize you for wrong answers. Even if you don’t know, guess, because it just might be right. Don’t leave any multiple-choice questions unanswered. If you leave it blank, you eliminate the chance of getting a correct answer that adds to your score.
  • Remind yourself that you belong here. Be confident that you have done everything possible to prepare. You can do it!

The right study course, such as Surgent CMA Review, teaches you how to complete multiple-choice questions and essays, so you go into the test knowing what’s in store. Being mentally and physically prepared will ensure your success on the CMA exam.

Surgent CMA Review is your perfect study companion

At the moment you decide to pursue a CMA credential, you reach a turning point. You’ve set your sights on the career rewards that come with a prestigious designation, and you know you have the talent and the determination to get there.

The key to success is making the best possible choices going forward, and one of the most critical choices is your selection of a study course. Surgent CMA Review gives you all the tools, study materials and confidence you need to pass the CMA Exam.

Whatever your learning style, Surgent supports you with adaptive technology, personalized learning plans, the power to watch your knowledge base grow and the confidence to take the CMA Exam when you’re ready.

Surgent CMA Review is about studying on your terms and using your time wisely. Use these study tips for an efficient path to preparing for and passing the CMA Exam, and you’re ready for the next phase of your life.

Rely on Surgent as your study partner and take your career to new heights.