Adaptive learning is a method of learning that focuses on past successes, using those successes as a basis to develop future strategies for success.

Imagine what studying for the CPA Exam would be like if your software were able to focus on your past successes and then develop a plan for your future success. Well, imagine no further! The Surgent CPA Review courseware does exactly that. Here’s how it works:

  • Built-in study plans help you determine exactly how much study time you need to prepare for your test date.
  • Software technology quickly reveals your unique areas of need and automatically creates customized study plans that focus where you need the most help—all based on your past performance.
  • The courseware reduces study time while making the time you do spend more effective—shifting your focus to your trouble areas.
  • The platform includes integrated text, questions, and video lectures that help you master exam topics with ease—no matter your learning style.

Students combine the lectures with our adaptive-learning software and are given a 100% personalized study guide based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Are you looking for a CPA Review provider with adaptive learning? Check out Surgent CPA Review.

We offer a focused and streamlined approach to passing the exam, allowing you to study less and pass faster with our adaptive-learning technology. With small, bite-sized lectures that can be viewed anywhere and anytime, and software that offers you thousands of practice questions, including task-based simulations and a study planner to help make the most of your valuable study time, you can feel confident to sit for the CPA Exam when the time is right.

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