In the CPA review game, we’ve all heard the phrase “adaptive learning technology”. It’s become a buzzword tossed around by many CPA exam prep courses. But what exactly is adaptive learning technology, and can it help you?

We’ll discuss what adaptive learning is further. And you’ll find that yes, it can help you study less and pass faster.

Exam review courses that utilize adaptive learning software essentially avoid the standard linear learning style of starting at chapter one and reading every page through to the last chapter. It’s designed to build a study program that fits around busy schedules, and prepare CPA Exam candidates for the exam based on the latest and continually updated exam content.

That is a brief description of adaptive learning. But it’s important to know that not all adaptive exam prep is created equal.

Take our adaptive study program, A.S.A.P.® Technology. Our program revolves around expediting CPA candidate exam readiness with only the most efficient study sessions. It’s designed to save you study time by focusing on the content areas that you still need to know, and not those areas where you’re already proficient. All Surgent CPA Review courses, from essentials to ultimate, flaunt this feature, but what does that really mean for you?

It means that you can utilize study material that has a 38% higher CPA Exam pass rate than the national average – but not only that, it means you get unlimited access to our latest features, like MyMCQ™, to get you on the fast track to CPA Exam success. This tool adjusts the difficulty of multiple choice questions (MCQ) as you learn, trimming your study time to your weak areas. Combined with our one-of-a-kind ReadySCORE™ feature, Surgent students can be ready to pass an exam section in as little as 46 hours – that’s 80% faster than other CPA Exam prep courses.

Find out more info in the video below!

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