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Surgent delivers high-impact, personalized education that helps aspiring professionals pass credentialing exams faster, helps existing professionals continually learn and grow so they can always practice at their peak, and helps accounting firms, educational institutions, and other enterprises turn learning into a competitive advantage.

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Surgent operates leading online brands for professional education and exam prep as well as partners with others to service other segments of education.

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Surgent Professional Education leadership team brings over 100 years of experience across education, marketing, technology and financial and accounting services.

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  • CPAs’ Focus on Ethics and Independence is Critical, Especially in Times of Change May 27, 2021
    The past year has provided numerous examples of CPAs providing critical assistance to their clients, both from an attest and non-attest perspective.  From assisting with Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan applications to helping with new accounting standard assessment and even staff augmentation services, CPAs have repeatedly gone above and beyond for their clients. However, when […]
    Rich Daisley, CPA
  • Partner Capital Accounts – The New Wrinkles January 14, 2021
    If you will be preparing 2020 partnership returns, we have the course for you. By now, you have probably heard partnerships filing Form 1065 for tax year 2020 are to calculate partner capital accounts using the transactional approach for the tax basis method. Partnerships report partner contributions and share of net income or loss, withdrawals […]
    Nick Spoltore
    As our entire team is working feverishly to monitor the latest news coming out of Washington, we will have a webinar on the new stimulus package within hours of its release. As the domino effect of COVID raced through every sector of our lives, small businesses took the biggest hit. Temporary closings have become routine. […]
    Nick Spoltore

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  • 7 Mistakes CPA Exam Candidates Make on Simulations (and how to avoid them!) April 4, 2021
    When it comes to CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Exam scoring, the AICPA gives equal weight to Multiple Choice Questions and Task-Based Simulations/Written Communication Tasks. In fact, Sims account for a greater portion of a candidate’s exam section score than ever before, causing simulations (or sims) to become a larger portion of a CPA candidate’s exam […]
    Elizabeth Kolar, MBA, CPA, CGMA
  • You’re About to Graduate. Now What? – A Guide for the Recent Accounting Grad March 15, 2021
    After several years of college and numerous years of school before that, you’re finally ready to dip your toes (or jump headfirst) into the real world. As a recent accounting graduate, you likely have a few preconceived ideas of what your life is going to look like once you start your first job. Let’s talk […]
    Ryan Hirsch
  • AUD Study Tips March 15, 2021
    If you follow our blog, you may have seen that we’re now recommending (for the time being) to sit for AUD first. That’s quite a departure from our typical Exam section order recommendation, we know. But ultimately, it’s your most efficient route to a passing score right now, with the upcoming exam changes and the […]
    Elizabeth Kolar, MBA, CPA, CGMA

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