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Looking for CPE?

Everyone’s goal for the CMA Exam is to pass it as quickly as possible, which means you need to know how to study efficiently. Managing your time will not only help you with day-to-day studying, but your entire CMA Exam experience will be less stressful and more productive. If you’re looking to maximize study efficiency and effectively manage your study days, check out these six time management tips for studying for the CMA Exam.


1. Utilize Apps

You want to study as efficiently as possible, and 8-hour straight study days might not be as productive as they sound. If you find yourself getting side-tracked or easily distracted while you’re trying to study, you might be pushing too hard for too long.

Luckily, there are plenty of study-time based apps out there that time how long you study and build in breaks for you. Popular techniques have you study for 20 minutes and take a ten-minute break; some have longer or shorter durations. Play with some of these apps and find a good study to rest ratio that works for you. You’ll find you’re more refreshed before studying and it’s easier to get through large amounts of material.

2. Turn Off Social Media While Studying For the CMA Exam

Social media can be a huge time suck. One minute you’re just checking your notifications, and an hour later you find yourself spiraling out of control while watching cat videos. There are technologies out there that help you limit or eliminate access to social media, keeping you away from temptation and putting a stop to hours-long social media breaks.

3. Plan Your Social Days In Advance (And Let People Know)

Studying is hard work, making it easy to jump at last-minute plans to give yourself a study break. But the reality is, if you really want to pass the CMA exam, you have to put in the study time.

Plan your social days in advance and let people know when you’re available. If you like to get outside on the weekends, make Saturday a social day and let friends know it’s the only day of the week you’re available. This solidifies break days for you to go out and have fun, and it keeps temptation away because friends know you’re busy on non-social days.

4. Use a Learning-Based Study Planner

Planning out study time is one of the most effective ways to make sure you’re studying enough. But who has time to sit down and pencil out a study plan every week?

Learning-based study planners, like Surgent’s, do that for you. They take note of what you’ve learned, what you need to learn, and when you’re taking the exam to build out study plans for each day. This takes the onus off you to create a study plan (or multiple study plans), helps you study more efficiently, and ultimately gives you more overall study time.

5. Separate Your Days

Develop a daily timeline based on your weekly activities. If you work five days a week but also want to study five days a week, decide on when that study time is going to be. Separate your work and study time into manageable blocks so you know when you need to be studying and when you’re free to do other things.

6. Continuously Improve

Take 15 minutes or so at the end of each week to evaluate how the week went. Did you study as much as you liked? Did you stick to your daily plans? Did you feel your study to rest ratio was correct?

Evaluating your week can help you find weaknesses in the way you study. Maybe you found your 4-hour long study sessions were incredibly boring and inefficient. In that case, switch to a different length of study time or consider adding more breaks. Over time, you’ll uncover what works for you and what doesn’t.

With a few small changes and some forward-thinking planning, you can be on your way to passing both parts of the CMA exam as quickly as possible.


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