Do You Know Your CISA Exam ReadySCORE?

Surgent CISA Review’s ReadySCORE™ accurately indicates your exam readiness, so you feel confident and ready to pass the Certified Information Systems Auditor Exam (CISA Exam).

ReadySCORE clearly displays your readiness for the CISA Exam. You’ll know your cumulative performance, as well as your performance by topic.

How is ReadySCORE calculated?

Surgent CISA Review’s groundbreaking adaptive learning software tracks your performance from the initial assessment through each subsequent study session. Using your performance over time and real CISA Exam topic weightings, the software estimates your CISA Exam score if you were to take the exam today.

CISA Exam Candidates Can Use ReadySCORE to

  • Determine topics where you should spend more – or less – time studying. These topics will always align with the latest exam content outlines.
  • Show your progression through each passing study session
  • Remove the guesswork from CISA Exam readiness

ReadySCORE + A.S.A.P. Technology = CISA Exam Success

Overall, our award-winning A.S.A.P. Technology is the best, most efficient and effective study method for passing the CISA Exam. How? Your ReadySCORE continuously informs the algorithm powering A.S.A.P. Technology, which then produces personalized study sessions that target your weaker performance areas. By streamlining the studying process, Surgent students save a substantial amount of study time as compared to other courses.


Other courses leave the guesswork up to you when it comes to CISA Exam Readiness. And, what’s worse is they claim they use adaptive learning, but don’t link study material and real-time performance. Don’t be fooled!


Try Surgent CISA Review today to see how our technology can work for you!