Do You Know Your EA Exam ReadySCORE?

Surgent EA Review’s groundbreaking ReadySCORE feature takes the guesswork out of exam readiness, so you can study confidently every step of the way, and walk into Prometric confident you’re ready to pass the Special Enrollment Exam, commonly called the EA Exam.

ReadySCORE accurately and clearly indicates your EA Exam readiness, so you know how you’re performing cumulatively and by topic.

How is ReadySCORE calculated?

Surgent EA Review’s sophisticated adaptive learning algorithm tracks your performance by topic during the initial assessment and each study session thereafter. It uses your performance over time, as well as real EA Exam topic weightings, to estimate what you’d score on the EA Exam if you took it today.

EA Exam Candidates Can Use ReadySCORE to

  • Identify the topics where you need to spend more –or less— time studying. These topics always align with the latest exam content outlines.
  • See how you’re progressing with each passing study session
  • Take the guesswork out of EA Exam readiness.

ReadySCORE + A.S.A.P. Technology = EA Exam Success

Simply put, our award-winning A.S.A.P. Technology is the best, most efficient and effective study method to pass the EA Exam. How? Your ReadySCORE continues to inform the algorithm that powers A.S.A.P. Technology, which, in turn, is used to produce personalized study sessions targeted to those weaker areas of performance. Surgent students spend on average 35 hours studying per exam section before reaching a passing ReadySCORE. By spending time far more efficiently, Surgent students are able to save a significant amount of study time compared to what they’d spend with other courses.


Other courses leave you in the dark about EA Exam Readiness. Even worse, they claim to use adaptive learning, but don’t tie study material to real-time performance. Don’t be fooled!


Try Surgent EA Review today to see how our technology can work for you!