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Looking for CPE?

Host: Joshua Jenson, CPA

Guest: Amanda Brewer

In this episode, JJ the CPA and Amanda lay out a blueprint for CPAs and accounting practices on how to go about their social media posts. They define “consistency” in social media terms, address when to post, and discuss the strategies and types of posts for CPAs and accountants. They deep dive into defining and clarifying what “engagement” means in the social media world, and its importance when building a brand, base of clients, or business. This is a step by step guide on how to go about your social media posts.

For additional information on the relationships between financial advisors and CPAs, check out JJ the CPA’s previous episode.

Please feel free to connect with JJ the CPA and Amanda on LinkedIn.

You can also check out Amanda’s website or reach out to her at amanda@amandacandoit.com.

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